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What’s the meaning of this?

Posted in art projects with tags , , , , on November 1, 2009 by Cristina

This is my midterm project for my Painting I class.


It was supposed to be a conceptual still life self portrait, so the objects had to have some kind of symbolism as well as personal meaning. For the project we were also asked to explain it all, from stylistic details to iconography, on a brief essay.

Honestly, the hardest part of the project was the ESSAY. I mean, I think I finally understand** why authors moan so much about the “where do you get your ideas” “how did you came up with X idea” kind of question. Because it IS hard to answer!

For me, the process wasn’t as clear as the outcome. What I thought I was doing is NOT exactly what I got. And the difference shows on the stuff that ended up on my essay. The meaning I told my instructor I intended was SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT and A LOT more influenced by the interpretations I was getting from the people that saw it than what I really had set out to get.

Seriously, I’m surprised by the interpretations people give me when I tell them the painting means something. Sometimes they give me an answer I expect, but sometimes they make me look again and re-evaluate what I did. And that is totally AWESOME!

It never stops to amaze me how you and me can be looking at the exact same thing and get absolutely different responses. And I see it happening not only with my painting, but with my classmates’ paintings, and on the books I read, and really, everywhere.

For all I know, you can be seeing this painting or reading this and think it’s utter crap.

And that’s okay. That makes it interesting.

**not really, some part of my brain (the one that’s patiently waiting for her Hogwarts letter) still thinks they won’t say because:

A) The information it’s protected by the Super Sekrit Society of Authors (where the YA Mansion is a branch).

B) Their genius can’t be explained to us mortal minds without our heads exploding, and they’re kind enough to keep our brain intact.